Our Purpose and Vision


We are a community of people who are focusing on purposeful psychological growth, which takes us beyond the destructive consumerist consciousness in which we are enmeshed and leads us to create a new connectedness with ourselves, each other and the environment. Unfolding the greater potential within our consciousness, through psychological growth, is the key to unlocking a better world, where we live in greater harmony with nature, are kinder to each other and live with higher levels of happiness and contentment.





Humanity has reached a point where two paths lie ahead, one degenerative, the other regenerative. Our society’s current lifestyle will lead us unwittingly further down the degenerative path. Collectively, we continue to live out our consumerist lifestyles to serve the industrial economic machine which was meant to serve us, knowingly ravaging the planet, with our social dialogue dominated by a sense of discord, fed by fear and greed. It is painfully evident that, as a society, we still have the consciousness required to create and maintain an Industrial Revolution rather than deal with its aftermath.





The success of our community depends on the input of people from a wide diversity of backgrounds, enabling conversations to benefit from a multiplicity of perspectives across personal, home, work, community and cultural life. Our diverse and inclusive conversations will enrich understanding and to make possible the emergence of new ways of being, thinking, relating, and behaving across different fields of interest.





The potential within our consciousness is unfolded when we face a challenge where our current way of perceiving and understanding will not provide a solution. After a period of anxiety, if we are supported and prepared, a new way of perceiving and understanding will start to emerge, allowing us to tackle the challenge, thereby unfolding our consciousness.


This decade will bring significant transformation to our society, whether we like it or not. To avert climate change, society needs to transform. If we don’t avert climate change, society will be transformed. We now face the huge challenge of societal transformation.  If we are supported and prepared, the challenge will unfold the potential within our consciousness, if not, we will be overwhelmed.


We will prepare to face the challenge by:


  • Increasing the awareness of our consciousness so we can observe its unfolding
  • Experiencing states of consciousness that pave the way for the unfolding of consciousness, such as reconnecting with nature, each other and our spiritual self
  • Growing our psychology in terms of our lines of consciousness, such as our cognition, emotion and behaviour


We will support each other through practising metamodernist consciousness when we come together. This type of consciousness is characterised by being able to hold paradoxical views without conflict, allowing us to resolve the paradox by creating something new. Rather than being separated by arguing for or against or deciding who is right or wrong, we will use the energy of difference to stimulate and create change. Difference creates the opportunity for non-judgement listening and dialogue, to see what can unfold in the space between us as we come together.





We will challenge, support and guide each other in our psychological growth and the unfolding of consciousness through:


  • Sharing our experience, knowledge and expertise through email, articles, books, and the LinkedIn Discussion Group.
  • Providing training through webinars, online tutorials, and experiential workshops.
  • Recommending the work of others, be they articles, books, webinars, podcasts, videos or courses. These recommendations will be made through the LinkedIn Discussion Group.


All the experiences, knowledge, expertise and training we share, provide and recommend will be highly relevant to psychological growth and the unfolding of consciousness.



Call to Action


We are not a pressure group or protest movement.  We are simply, as Gandhi said, trying to be the change we want to see in the world.


By being the change, we will unfold consciousness in our different walks of life, be that community, business, politics, education, etc. In doing so, we will ask what makes 'good' community, business, politics and education, etc. and seek to co-create the answers.


As the unfolding of consciousness is the key to unlocking a better world, by being the change, we will be turning the key.





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