We are facing a crisis of sustainability for which we have most of the solutions and a multitude of people working to implement them. Yet, despite this, each day, the crisis worsens. Why?


We still have the consciousness needed to create an Industrial Revolution, not to deal with its aftermath. 


As our consciousness has gradually been industrialised over centuries, it's been incredibly difficult for us to recognise the destruction our society has been reeking on our natural environment, our relationships and our psychology.  All three have been unravelling for decades, yet our consciousness has been unable to see it. Instead, we have been conditioned to consume to satisfy our own psychological desires. We now need to develop our consciousness beyond consumerism. 


We are at the tipping point of destroying what makes planet Earth habitable for humans and many other life forms. Only with objective awareness will we have the choice to take a different path. If we develop our consciousness beyond consumerism, we can choose a different future. If we don’t, no matter how many sustainability initiatives we employ or how many ideas for a new economy are developed, there will be little real change. Our collective madness will continue to destroy the environment upon which our lives depend.


Our economic system and our collective consciousness have evolved, hand in hand, throughout the centuries. But the evolution of our collective consciousness appears stuck in the Industrial Revolution. We don’t have time to wait for our collective consciousness to evolve naturally. It would be too late for humans and much of our biodiversity.


As individuals, we must actively develop our consciousness beyond consumerism if our collective consciousness is to evolve to a new level. By developing a higher level of consciousness, we can grow beyond consumerism, reconnect with nature, each other and ourselves, and gain the psychological agility needed to thrive in a decade of transformation. 


If we don't tackle climate change, society will be transformed. If are to tackle climate change, society will need to be transformed.  Either way, we are entering a decade of transformation. Either way, we need to develop our consciousness if we are to survive and thrive.


The book, Consciousness Beyond Consumerism: A Psychology Path to Sustainability demonstrates how we all can develop our consciousness. Through speaking engagements, workshops, and consultancy, the author continues to bring to life many of the insights and techniques contained in this book.


The author has also set up a community, called the Conscious Growth Collective, to support people who are focusing on purposeful psychological growth rather than fueling destructive economic growth through consumerism. To find out more and join, click here.


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